M dipa lonza

Lonzacure® M-DIPA is a benzenamine by Lonza. Used as a chain extender for elastomeric polyurethanes and curing agent for epoxides. Provides good dynamics, good hydrolytic stability, thermomechanical, chemical and abrasion resistance and low water absorption in polyurethanes. The Universal Selection Source for Polymer Additives Access Technical info on additives for polymers and the knowledge to select them. lonza lonzacure lonzacure m-dipa cas-rn 19900-69-7…70550956 / 000010 / 00100446 lonza ltd, ch-4002 basle lonzacure m-dipa made in switzerland net 50 kg / gross 592 kg material no 100446 lmd warehouse... EP0617728A1 - Bei raumtemperatur vernetzbare massen, verfahren zu ihrer herstellung und ihre verwendung - Google Patents Film adhesive of thermoset resin, curing agent and fibrous micropulp Apr 3, 2009 - E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company A prepreg composite material that includes a fiber layer and a resin comprising a thermoset resin component, a curing agent and a fibrous micropulp. Jul 12, 2019 · Lonzacure® DETDA 80 by Lonza is diethyltoluenediamine. Used as a chain extender for elastomeric polyurethanes and as a curing agent for epoxides in coatings for concrete. Provides low viscosity and hydrolytic stability in polyurethanes.