How to physically shapeshift

They were able to shapeshift into any animal form. Actor Mohanlal plays Odiyan Manikyan, the last of the Odiyan clan, who ravages the land while his brethren are ruthlessly killed. In the DC Comics franchise, the character Beast Boy is a green metahuman who can shapeshift into any creature, whether living, extinct, or mythological, he desires. One cannot add or remove mass that is not there. Body alteration is possible and happens everyday. But gradually. To change one's shape from one creature to another takes place in metamorphosis, but the resulting final creature cannot have more mass than what was started with and can often end up with less. You will begin to shapeshift and take on the form of your chosen nature being. The merging will fit like a glove. There are 2 ways to merge. Imagine the tree, flower, animal or whichever is your chosen nature being, is just a few feet in front of you. May 31, 2014 · To shapeshift, once you are out of your physical body, you must change the shape of your etheric body. Then while maintaining the new shape, re-enter your physical body. The atoms of your physical body will instantly re-align to the new shape. which can be maintained for as long as the etheric shape that is holding it together is maintained. Apr 18, 2019 · The next step is to create some sort of physical object with which to contain the familiar spirit when it is not out doing work. This object will also serve as the physical receptacle of libations. You can get as simple or creative as you'd like.