Professor stefan ihde

Professor Doctor Stefan Ihde, founder and implantologist at Simpladent clinics – in Montenegro, Switzerland and many other European countries – has developed a simple dental implant system, with numerous benefits. The procedure requires almost no bone, the implants are immediately loadable, and they may even be used in patients who are not ... 2nd international implant foundation immediate loading course starts from october 2013 onwards implantology- Stefan Ihde 2) Heng-Li Huang et al, Bone stress and interfacial sliding analysis of implant designs on an immediately loaded maxillary implant: A non-linear finite element study. J o u r n a l of de n t i s t ry 3 6 ( 2 0 0 8 ) 40 9 – 41 7 3) Stefan Ihde et al ,The use of finite element analysis to model bone-implant contactwith With my mentors in Basal Implantology, Prof. Stefan Ihde and Dr. Prem Nanda, during the ISOI Conference, Bangalore, 27.10.2012. — at Vivanta By Taj, Yeshwanthpur. Smile correction procedures performed on a 56 year old lady. Prof. Dr. Stefan Ihde [email protected] Managing editor Dr. Alexei Stugarev [email protected] Coordinating editor N. N. Editorial board (in alphabetic order) Henri Diederich med.dent, Luxemburg Dr. Yassen Dimitrov, Bulgaria Za. Stephan Haas, Germany Prof. Dr. Vitomir S. Konstantinovic, Ser-bia Carlos Mendez, Spain Dr. Richard Musicer, USA