Parallel ftp

GridFTP and Parallel TCP Support in NaradaBrokering Sang Boem Lim1, Geoffrey Fox 2, Ali Kaplan , Shrideep Pallickara and Marlon Pierce2 1 Supercomputing Application Technology Department at Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information (KISTI) P.O. Box 122, Yuseong, Daejeon, Republic of Korea [email protected] If your computer has multiple parallel ports, Total Commander will ask for the port which you want to use. Choose the port to which the parallel cable is connected. The connection is now established. It works similar to an FTP connection, i.e. you can now upload, download, delete, rename, view, and edit files, but not execute programs. No it can't. FTP uses a control connection for sending commands and a data connection that exists for the duration of the file transfer or directory listing retrieval, that's it. For more information you can consult RFC 959, which defines the specs of the FTP protocol. Too many parallel FTP sessions can saturate the network link. Use medium size work data sets. If the work data sets are very small in relationship to the input data set, you can end up with too many files on the IBM FTP sites. Dec 23, 2009 · In addition to what I-Che have said (try to switch to the Bridged networking), I want to add that FTP can operate in two modes: Passive FTP and Acrive FTP. Parallels Shared Network supports only Passive FTP mode. So, the solution is either switch the VM to Bridged Networking, or find an option in this software to switch FTP to passive-mode.