Titanic dataset questions

Jul 10, 2015 · The dataset is used for Data Science Dojo’s Titanic Survival Predictor which outputs the statistical chance of survival based upon the above variables. When looking at the different factors that affect survival rates, how are the choices made a product of the data scientist’s own version of the truth? 9 questions covering the things you should know about the hit movie, Titanic. 14. EASY. 5.88. Titanic Movie Quiz. Easy quiz on plots and characters from Titanic the ... Titanic dataset Submitted by: Submission date 8/1/2013 Declaration Author: Contents Dated: 29/12/2012 The database corresponds to the sinking of the titanic on April the 15th 1912. It is part of a database containing the passengers and crew who were aboard the ship, and various attributes correlating to them. Package ‘titanic’ August 29, 2016 Title Titanic Passenger Survival Data Set Version 0.1.0 Description This data set provides information on the fate of passengers on the fatal maiden voyage of the ocean liner ``Titanic'', summarized according to economic status (class), sex, age and survival. Whereas the base R Problem Description – The ship Titanic met with an accident and a lot of passengers died in it. The dataset describes a few passengers information like Age, Sex, Ticket Fare, etc. Aim – We have to make a model to predict whether a person survived this accident. So, your dependent variable is the column named as ‘Surv ived’ Aug 09, 2017 · This Titanic data is publically available and the Titanic data set is described below under the heading Data Set Description. Using that dataset we will perform some Analysis and will draw out some insights like finding the average age of male and females died in Titanic, Number of males and females died in each compartment. DATASET DESCRIPTION