Larping in florida

The complete list of larps from around the World. Find one of the many larps near you. Larping is spreading all over the world. Look for a larp. LARP Adventure Program is an interactive and improvisational theater program in which participants create a storyline featuring a heroic character. Through acting out the plot of the story, characters evolve and grow. LARP Adventure Program members and staff emphasize community, communication, and creativity. I've been to and have found that most of what exists in Florida as a whole are VtM / World of Darkness LARPs or full contact LARPS - of which I don't hold much interest in. So; my question: Do you kind and generous folks know of any LARPS in or around Central Florida that are Heavy Roleplay & Light Combat outside of the White Wolf ... I have heard some horror stories about LARPing in the past. Our disciplinary policy is actually pretty encompassing (the last page of the house rules). As for a general rundown though, we try not to scare the normal people (though we don't generally have a problem with people who are not in-game at the game site(s).