Autech sr20

A couple of months ago i bought this JDM SR20DE. First of all it came with a original 4-2-1 header what was a bit rare for me cause i never heard any SR20DE came with original header. It didnt came with ECU so i manage to get a SER stock ecu. The car run pretty smooth, it appeared to me that was... Autech was founded in 1986 as a subsidiary of Nissan. [3] [4] Nissan named Shinichiro Sakurai , the former general manager of the company's Advanced Vehicle Design Department, as the first president of the new company. [5] These cars were tuned by Autech Japan. It made 200 PS (197 hp; 147 kW) at 7800 rpm and 134 lb⋅ft (182 N⋅m) at 7600 rpm. Redline of the N1 Version 2 (1998) is at 8600 rpm. This is also claimed to be the most powerful production 1.6 L naturally aspirated engine. [citation needed] SR20VE I am currently on turbo restrictions as well. Theres at least 20 months until i get my Full license and then theres a turbo option. But a lot recommend the SR20DET swap but then some people say its possible and not possible to turbo the Autech SR20DE ? Autech tuning modifications compared with regular Spec-S include: